Debate is a formal argument, in which two opposing teams propose or attack a given proposition or motion in a series of speeches. It is governed by a set of rules, which permit interruptions or “points of information” by the opposition.


  • A speaker can speak either for the motion or against the motion.
  • No use of props
  • Obey the Speaker’s call to order.
  • Cease irrelevance or repetition in speech
  • No interruption while a member who is addressing the house.
  • Content should be appropriate , using of abusive words will leads to elimination and use of offensive or provocative language in the House is strictly forbidden, Personal attacks, insults and obscene language are not in order.
  • speaker shall be well rehearsed.
  • It is an individual competition

Entry Fees-

The entry fees for per participant shall be Rs. 50/- which has to be paid at the time of submission of form.

Duration of Performance-

The maximum time for debate is 5 minutes. The first bell will be given after completion of 4 minutes and the final bell after completing 5 minutes and In case participants exceed the time limit Judges will be free to disqualify the team.


Criteria of Judging-

  • Relevance of the content
  • Gestures and postures
  • Time limit
  • Audience contact
  • Voice projection

                      The event will be held on 6th April from  2:00-4:00 pm in conference hall.

                      Co-ordinators:    8447379100(Shivangi)

                                     9911708944(Rishab Jain)


You can pay the registration fee via paytm on this number- 9953553768