Get set to confront your fear and turn your mental blocks into building blocks.
Experience winning where it’s not only about being first or beating others but surpassing yourself and your limitations.  Quiz is a mind sport in which we measure growth in knowledge and abilities. Climb this ladder of growth with us and showcase your knowledge in this intense competition.



  1. Only 2 participants per team will be allowed.
  2. More than one team from same college can participate.
  3. Participation fee for each team will be 50 per team.
  4. Attractive Prizes and gift vouchers for winners and runner ups..
  5. Written prelims (in MCQ format) will be held on 5th April in room no. 218 and 219 at 12:00 am.
  6. Top 6 teams will be selected to participate in oral round to be held on 6th April at 10:00-11:30 AM at conference hall.
  7. Results of Prelims will be informed to the winners personally through phone/e-mail.
  8. Use of mobile or any other electronic gadget will not be
  9. There will be the following rounds in oral round (Rules for each round will be explained on the spot before each round).
  • Indian Constitution
  • Sports
  • Identification of logos
  • Entertainment
  • Current Affairs and general awareness(National & International)
  • Rapid Fire

You can pay the registration fee via Paytm on this number- 9953553768